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Ε85 is modern, state-of-the-art, mullion – transom façade system. It is the result of 2.5 years of research, which integrated the know-how of energy efficiency technology and characteristics with current and future building construction requirements.

Its 50 mm column width design ensures full compliance with the strictest international specifications and renders high thermal and water tightness performance.

E85 is a complete system that incorporates different construction solutions and gives the Architect the ability to design beyond conventional restrictions. Atriums, corner constructions, domes, pyramids, cupolas and curved constructions are feasible and easy to construct with E85.

The certifications the system acquired, which were obtained from accredited European laboratories in accordance with European and American specifications, prove that E85 is one of the top facades available.

Interior visible width 50 mm
Depth vertical Mullions 50-230 mm
Depth horizontal Transoms 6-235 mm
Type of system Stick Façade System
Exterior aesthetics Glass Wall (structural glazing), Aluminium glazing beads (pressure plate)
Typologies · Four sides with a cap

· Horizontal side with a cap – vertical side, structural

· Horizontal side, structural – vertical side with a cap

· Four sides, structural