M50 Alumil

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M50 is a complete system for High Energy Efficiency curtain walls that offers unlimited design freedom and meets all requirements of contemporary architecture thanks to the following characteristics:

  • 50 mm width of mullions and transoms
  • High thermal insulation up to Uf=1,0 W/m2K, making the system ideal for all climate regions and for low energy buildings
  • Big variety of mullions for high wind loads with the possibility of standard shape steel reinforcements
  • A variety of designs for the visible aluminium covers offer outstanding design options for a variety of façade styles
  • Structural glass version without aluminium covers, with the same mullions and transoms
  • All kind of opening windows in the curtain wall (parallel projected, top hung, inwards tilt & turn, concealed sash tilt & turn, seamless inwards tilt & turn)
  • Burglar resistance: RC 3 (WK3) anti-burglar protection
  • Bullet resistance (FB6) and fire resistance (EI 30) options
  • Exceptional sound insulation with the addition of P50
  • All kinds of surfaces can be constructed (inclined, polygonal)
  • Special supports for shading aluminium blades are available
  • Combines with all types of doors of M11500 from other ALUMIL systems


Μ50 Structural
The main difference between M50 Structural and M50 Standard with visible covers is the appearance of the exterior surface.
M50 Structural is characterized by the absence of aluminium profiles on the façade, which creates a continuous glazing surface even for top hung & parallel projected windows.

Μ50 Energy Fire Proof Series 30
M50 Fire Proof Series curtain wall covers every niche market concerning fire protection.
Certified for 30 minutes fire proof, when M50 Fire Proof Series is combined with appropriate fire proof glazing, it provides crucial time for building evacuation in case of emergency.

Μ50 security
M50 provides security curtain wall solutions and is applied on constructions that require high protection such as banks, embassies, government agencies, jewelers, etc. The variety of glazing can significantly increase the security level of the system depending on the requirements.

Exterior visible width 50 mm
Mullion depth 20-243 mm
Transom depth 50-217 mm
Glazing Stick type with EPDM gasket
Glass thickness 24-42 mm
Mullions max inertia Ix=1300  Iy=79 cm4
Transoms max inertia Ix=1300  Iy=79 cm4
Max inertia Mullion and Insert Ix=506  Iy=43 cm4
Type of system Insulated
Uf 1,0-1,08 W/m2K
Exterior aesthetics Standard: with cover cap 50 mm, Structural
Types of vent · Fix

· Top hung window

· POW window

· Inwards hinged window

· Concealed hinged window