M85 Alumil

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M85 is the new thermally broken element curtain wall of Alumil (ready prefabricated units which can be erected without scaffolding, which is the ideal option for large construction sites and tall buildings) with inside face width of 85mm.

  • Only glazing with total thickness of 14,5mm or 25,4mm or 33,5mm can be applied
  • The external glazing bars can be fitted easily and quickly saving valuable construction time and a screw is placed at a specific point for a higher security level
  • Potential broken glasses can be replaced easily
  • Opening units fully integrated into load-bearing structure (top hung, project out or parallel opening windows) can be constructed
  • It is possible to create opening windows
Exterior visible width 97 mm hor./ 85 mm ver.
Mullion depth 138 mm
Transom depth 138 mm
Glazing Utilized type with EPDM gasket
Glass thickness 14,5/ 25,4 / 33,5 mm
Outer frame max inertia Ix=25  Iy=921 cm4
Transoms max inertia Ix=248  Iy=1511 cm4
Type of system Insulated
Exterior aesthetics Visible aluminium frame: 37,7 mm
Distance between frames:21,6 mm – 8 mm ver.
Types of vent · Hinged

· Top hung

· Parallel projected