E85 Antivandal and Bullet proof ETEM

///E85 Antivandal and Bullet proof ETEM
E85 Antivandal and Bullet proof ETEM 2018-11-12T13:45:15+00:00

E85 AntiVandal is a curtain Wall system that was specially designed to offer supreme Burglar protection resistance and bullet proof protection.

Applied mostly in commercial applications such as banks, post offices and other applications that protection is of primary concern, E85 is certified in various protection levels, Wk2, Wk3 and Wk4 Burglar resistant and FB4 Bullet Proof protection.

However, E85 AntiVandal remains a 50mm curtain wall system with excellent performance and durability that is compatible with all if ETEM’s Architectural systems.

E85 is a modern system that has been successfully applied in projects in over 15 countries that offers complete constructional and architectural solutions.

Interior visible width 50 mm
Depth vertical Mullions 50-230 mm
Depth horizontal Transoms 6-235 mm
Type of system Stick Façade System
Exterior aesthetics Glass Wall (structural glazing), Aluminium glazing beads (pressure plate)
Typologies · Four sides with a cap

· Horizontal side with a cap – vertical side, structural

· Horizontal side, structural – vertical side with a cap

· Four sides, structural