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Alumil’s new sliding thermal insulating system S650 is the ideal solution for wide spans with extensive glazing surfaces that offers elegant constructions with high functionality, performances and minimal architectural design. The Supreme system S650 is considered one of the most modern options as it incorporates multiple innovative and unique features.
The system’s main advantage is the improvement of living conditions by maximizing the natural lighting and minimizing the visible aluminum face width, which makes the residents feel closer to the external environment and increase the sense of freedom.

  • All the aluminum profiles are totally concealed in wall maximizing natural lighting in the buildings.
  • Only 25 mm visible aluminium face width at the interlocking profile.
  • Double row of polyamides 18 mm width in the frames and special anti-distortion polyamides in the sash profile 18,6 mm and 14,8 mm width for avoiding the “banana effect” due to high temperature differences.
  • Perimetrical sealing of the frames with double row of brushes.
  • Extra concealed profiles available for water drainage.
  • Corner constructions without using mullion profile for the connection.
  • For all typologies of sliding doors.
  • Easy installation / removal of the sash in case of maintenance or replacement.
Frame depth       164 mm
Sash depth 62 mm
Minimum visible height of construction Concealed profiles
Sash mechanism weight limit 600 Kg
Visible interlocking profile width 25 mm
Glass thickness 47 mm
Cross section thickness 1-3 mm
Type of system Insulated
Uw 1,1 W/ m2K
Exterior aesthetics Flat
Sliding type Sliding
Type of thermal insulation 18,6 mm polyamide, PVC
Mechanism Alumil
Typologies · Double horizontal sliding sash

· Double horizontal sliding sash with fixed light

· Four horizontal sliding sashes with meeting stile

· Double horizontal sliding sash meeting stile with fixed lights

· Corner typology with four sliding sashes

· Corner typology with two sliding sashes and fixed lights

· Triple horizontal sliding sash

· Four horizontal sliding sashes